Handmade from premium quality full grain leather, Project Dyad creations celebrate the unique beauty of natural imperfections.

A light wax finish enhances the look & feel of the leather and will help to prevent scratching and stains.

Make sure your Project Dyad creation ages beautifully by keeping it dry and clean.

Try to avoid getting it in contact with grease, oil or wax, as that could result in stains. 

Before applying any leather product, dust and clean your piece with a soft damp cloth or sponge. After letting it air-dry try the leather product on a hidden spot as some products can darken the leather.

We recommend to nurture and protect your leather piece with a quality leather cream like FAMA ECO.

You are also welcome to visit our shop/studio with one of your Project Dyad pieces. We will gladly give your bag some love and treat it with one of our leather creams for a refreshed look.