Launched in 2016, Project Dyad is a Cape Town-based studio specializing in the design and manufacture of contemporary leather accessories.

Inspired by the dualities that define all creative processes, “Project Dyad” explores and experiments with the unfamiliar, constantly evolving and refining its original concept with timeless style.

Fusing meticulous attention to detail with functional design and innovative construction techniques, Project Dyad merges beautiful contrasts and complementary opposites to form a dynamic, yet harmonious balance through the union of different parts. Focusing on an experimental, process-based approach, all Project Dyad creations are handmade in-house from top quality, locally sourced leathers and materials, and it is this custom-craft approach that allows us to develop work that we truly care about and manufacture in a socially responsible way.

The range offers a varied selection of aesthetic solutions for both work and social occasions.

Playing off the dualities of line, colour and texture, each piece is designed to accompany the wearer as either a statement piece or be worn with subtle sophistication for a more understated look and feel, but regardless of how one chooses to wear them, all Dyad creations are guaranteed to grow more beautiful with time.



With over a decade of experience in leatherwork, Vincent Urbain started his first creative studio, Urban Africa. Urban Africa allowed us to understand what we believe in, how we want to work with leather and materials and helped us to reach the next level of refinement.

Project Dyad embodies this conceptual evolution through a fluid process that evolves a constant search for beauty by transforming lines and curves into discerning objects.


 Jessika Balzer


Following her graduation from HTW- Berlin with a BA in Fashion Design, Jessika joined Vincent Urbain at Urban Africa in 2012. As a continual exploration of shape, texture, material, colour and structure, the aim of Jessika’s creative process is to find the “perfect” balance of all components, and while thinking out of the box and pushing the limits of convention are fundamental, she always ensures her designs are flawlessly functional and easy to incorporate into everyday life.