#DyadWornByYou with Wanida Keeping

#DyadWornByYou with Wanida Keeping

In 2018, at the Neighbourgoods Market at Biscuit Mill, I had a chance encounter that led to something extraordinary. I'm Jessika, the founder of Dyad, and I came up with a clever solution for keeping my essentials safe—a zip pouch turned into a bag. Wanida, more fondly known as Yui, the owner of the Wanida Boutique, loved the idea and convinced me to create more. Thus, the iconic Yui Bag was born. 

In the following journal post, I offer you a glimpse into Wanida’s life as a passionate fashion designer inspired by Cape Town's beauty. From her unique style to her daily rituals and current obsessions, I’ll share Wanida’s colourful world with you. Let’s delve into her creative process!



 Tell us a little about yourself,  what you do, and what inspires you to get up in the morning. I’m Wanida, I’m a fashion designer, the beautiful buzz of the mother city gets me up every day, the nature, the people and the vibe.

Have you always been a fashion designer? What got you into fashion and how does it shape your current outlook on life? After moving to Cape Town I followed my passion for fashion and went out in my own after working for a fashion and jewellery designer for a few years. My world revolves around fashion and fabrics and new ideas to play with.

What does creativity mean to you? To be able to be free and play with design to create something beautiful. 



How would you define your personal style? A mix of East meets West, lots of colour and lots of flow that anyone can wear. Colours make people happy.

Where you are from, how did you end up in South Africa and what about living here inspires you?  I’m from the north of Thailand, I moved here with my husband who was born in Cape Town, I’m inspired by all the amazing cultures that Cape Town has to offer, the nature and access to beautiful fabrics.

What are you listening to or reading at the moment? I’m listening to Nujabes which is Japanese lofi. 

Do you remember the story of how the Yui Bag came about? Of course! How could I forget?



What Dyad bag do you own, what is the most interesting place you have taken it? Do you have an image to show us? I took my Yui bag to Thailand! My sister fell in love with it so I gifted one to her! 

Do you have any current obsessions you wish to share with our followers? I’m obsessed with wildflowers, the mountain and chameleons and my favourite anime samurai champloo. 

What small rituals do you do for yourself daily?  I make a somtum Thai salad every day as well as go up the mountain.


Your work is so bold and vibrant and we love how your imagery conveys a sense of motion, can you tell us a little bit more about your design process? I always dreamed of being a princess as a child.  I Channel that energy into making my designs to be able to make my customers feel like that when they wear my garments.

What secrets do you have for finding balance in your life? We know you love to cook and hike, do you feel like these activities bring you joy and balance? Yes, I really do, I feel so connected to Mother Earth when up the mountain.  Food brings people together and that fills my heart, community is super important.

Can you describe what is in your bag at the very moment? Thai herbs, lipstick, phone, cards and always a sweet or two.

What is one thing you think people would be surprised to know about you? That I was a nurse in the Royal Thai Army.





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