#DyadWornByYou with Rushda Moosajee

#DyadWornByYou with Rushda Moosajee

If you don’t know Rushda Moosajee, you might be missing out on one of the most influential fashion icons. Rushda epitomises the modern-day Wonder Woman, achieving everything with authenticity. 

She owns multiple businesses, including her women's gym, app, skincare line, and now her fashion brand, Front Row. Besides her business ventures, she’s a mother of four boys and an advocate for women’s voices, demonstrated by her latest Masterclass for entrepreneurs.

Rushda is a fashion enigma, dressing for herself rather than following trends. Her style blends local and international designers into unique, inspiring looks. Her fashion content is a source of excitement and inspiration, showcasing her incredible skill in merging different styles. We asked Rushda to share more about her passion for fashion.



What daily rituals do you have that make you feel like your best self? 

Opening my eyes and choosing to have a great day followed by my Rushtush Pharma fix! I always make sure no matter where I am going I am dressed to feel the best so I can be the best. Even though I start off my day with EXERCISE and lots of work in between. I live by example.


You have spoken about the profound and positive impact motherhood has had on your drive, ambition and creativity, can you share a bit more with us about how things have changed in those spaces since having kids? 

Being the owner of a wellness brand it’s only natural that I demonstrate that women’s self care, empowerment through fitness and wellbeing never goes out of style. Becoming a mother is part of my story and growth for many girls and women, your life expands, and thus your creativity and your reason.



Where does your love for fashion come from? 

Def my dad! Hahaha he loves anything luxurious and appreciates the finer things in life.


Where do you get your style inspiration from? 

Pop culture, my life and my mood. I often manifest things that find me. I consider many of my pieces art in a sense.


What three fashion or decor items are on your wishlist? 

Bottega Hop bag in black!

Patent leather leopard print jacket with a fur trim!

B&W penny loafers!


What is your favourite thing in your closet at the moment? 

My leopard print floor-length ganni denim skirt!


Tell us more about Front Row and your involvement. 

I'm constantly searching for solutions for the problems that women have. One of those problems is having access to the type of clothing that they won't necessarily invest in purchase or even wear, whereas if you can hire something you're going to try it out and see if you like it and maybe expand your personal style and discover something about yourself that you wouldn't be able to if you had to purchase a local designer piece at that high ticket price.

I do feel that everyone should have access to fashionable, good quality clothing whenever they feel they need to - it shouldn't be exclusive to a certain person, it should be something that everybody should have access to. That’s how Front Row was born.



What is your favourite thing about being an entrepreneur and what is the hardest part about being one? 

It must be that I make all the decisions. I love being creative and driving ideas from start to finish. I love having a purpose impacting women’s lives in a positive way!! The hardest part is that it’s all on ME!


Do you have any advice for women who are struggling to find their sense of style? 

Gosh!! Tough one. I feel South Africans are stuck in a fashion rut! It doesn’t have to be like that, but I think it’s due to resources and circumstance. You can build a for ever wardrobe over time with key pieces. We have the access more now than ever, if you are able too.


You have a strong voice and you are fearless in your pursuit of happiness, health, wellness, family and more, what advice would you give to women who are struggling to use their voices? 

Start by writing it down on pen and paper. Move onto sticky notes and paste it everywhere. Start gathering visuals of how you want to see yourself if you’re struggling to believe. Over time the conversation you have with yourself will be the conversation you have aloud. Speak even if your voice is shaking. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, no one is perfect.


Do you remember the first bag you ever own If yes, tell us all about it! 

It was probably a fish finger bag in primary school!!! My dad always bought me the best! I loved it so much! 


What do you wish more people knew about the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of South Africa (South Africans)

That we are relentless, we wear many hats and through all the adversity we rise. South Africans hold a big sense of humour and the instability of our economy makes us more ‘aggressive’ in our approach to business.


Which South African designers are you loving at the moment and why? 

Wanda Lephoto - loving his collared knits and pop tees!

Lukhanyo Mdningi - everything! Yet to own a piece!

Kat van Duinen - I’m forever a bow and a feather girl!


Rushda wears our Wave Bag in Lawn Green. 

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